Saturday, 22 October 2011

Newspaper Nails! What did you say?

Hi everyone,

I am bursting to tell you guys what I found last night online. I was just looking at random stuff and I came across a post about Newspaper Nails. My first reaction was what? What’s Newspaper Nails. The article read Newspaper Nails are a new creative way to wear nail art. I though hmm then I saw picture like the one below.

In my head I thought genius it makes sense. If you love writing and in to nails this is right up your street. Well, I done more research online and I found tutorials on how to apply the newspaper onto your nails via YouTube. I encourage everyone to go and check out some videos.

Now for the best effective result personally I think doing this technique on a white background makes the writing pop. However I say don’t limit yourself. Think outside the box and pick any colour you desire as long as you can see the writing on your nails. I was so eager to try this technique out I chose a Sunset Dream colour from H&M as my base. Then I just went for it what do you think?

I had to mention this in my bargain buys because we all know on our daily trip to work, for those of you that don’t need to work lucky you. For the rest of us that do we are constantly bombarded with free newspapers. The next time a guy is shouting free Standard, take your Stylist, just grab yourself one and do the following when you get home.
  • 1: Remove old nail polish
  • 2: Apply clear nail polish as base and leave to dry
  • 3: Choose a base nail colour and apply, leave to dry
  • 4: Pour water into a small glass
  • 5: Cut out writing from a newspaper. (Ensure the strip can cover your nails easily)
  • 6: On the back of the newspaper dab some water on the entire strip. (Dont over do it. either use cotton bud or finger)
  • 7: Place newspaper cutting face down so writing is over yours nails. Hold for 15 seconds
  • 8: Remove paper and you should see the writing on your nails
  • 9: Then apply clear nail polish to protect writing
  • 10:Remove excess nail varnish
(If the writing is faint gently remove with nail polish remover and try again)

white nail polishremove nail polishclear nail
newspaper stripwater in small cupwater on newspaper
Have fun trying guy’s. Let me know or see how it turns out.

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