Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Challenge Result

Afternoon guys,

I’m back. I had to get back early because the crowd was too much for me. Screaming kids, shouting mum’s ahhh! It was time for me pay for my goods and go home.

So my challenge went well even though I cut the shopping trip short. In regards to my budget for my halloween oufit £10 max, I did well. My total was £9.48 YES!

My buy’s included the following:

Devil stick £1, Fishnet gloves £1, The tail and headband £1.48. (FYI the tail & headband came with a devils wing but I’m not wearing it).

Next on my list was a leotard. I went to good old Primark but they did not have what I wanted so I got a lace leotard instead. Actually I prefer it more to what I really wanted. The price was only £6.

Now I have decided on my outfit. It is simple yet effective. Please note hair and makeup not done yet lol. Hope you like it. xxx

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