Thursday, 20 October 2011

Blog, blogs and more blogs – IFB

Hi guys,

Today’s post is not about my bargain buy’s because I have become engrossed in trying to find other bloggers with similar interest’s to mine and I have just joined a site called IFB, Independent Fashion Bloggers.

When I first joined the site I was like WOW! There are loads of bloggers on this site.
I stated to get emails from loads of people saying ‘Hi newbie, add me’. In my head I was thinking Really? You want to be my friend. It feels like Facebook all over again.

Within one day I received over 20 emails requesting me to check out their blog. It was overwhelming but it made me think?

I can learn from these bloggers. Tips, tricks and all sorts. I need to make the most out of this site. I don’t know where my blog is going, so add me guys, what the hey! Give me inspiration.

(FYI, the glasses are for pure vanity lol)

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