Thursday, 1 September 2011

Green Leotard to the rescue

Hi guys,

I popped out today, very shortly, to get some tights from my local market. The tights were for me and my friend. As I was out I thought let me just see what’s in the shops. I went to good old Primark but nothing caught my eye. I then headed to New Look, there was some nice stuff but nothing that said buy me now.

I then walked over to TK Maxx to see if I could find a plain T-Shirt. TK Maxx doesn’t really appeal to me but I thought I must be able to find a T-Shirt. I found one that I really liked but I didn’t like the price. Ok it’s £7.99 but just for a plain short sleeve T-Shirt maybe next time.

I then walked into H&M and low and behold there was still a small sale section. My body was drawn to it. I found a lovely green leotard for £7.00

I love this bad boy. £7.00 well spent.


Leotard £7.00

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