Monday, 12 September 2011

Animal dress

Hi guys,

I was on eBay last night looking for a dress because I have noting to wear. I know, I know we always say that.

I came across this animal print dress and I liked the print on it. So I thought let me watch this item and see what the bidding is like.  Luckily for me I did not see any bids. I thought yes this dress is mine so I put a bid in. Then it came to the last couple of hours and I had a change of heart.

I thought no I don’t want it. It was too late no one else put a bid on it so I was the winner. I know I should be happy but I am now in second thoughts.

Well I will wait till it comes. Fingers cross I like it.

Animal print dress – £0.99 plus £1.50 postage

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