Friday, 26 August 2011

Wonderful and weird - Nail art

Afternoon guys

I am a fan of nail art but I have to admit I am lazy. I am most likely to just put on one colour of nail varnish, my experimentation would be doing two nail varnish colours on one hand.

When I saw the following nail art I was amazed. A new exhibition ‘Nailphilia‘ at the DegreeArt gallery are showcasing an exhibition dedicated to nail art. To put this into concept, nail art is seen as a creative accessory. The idea of showcasing it in a gallery somewhat pushes boundaries and allows people to recognise what nail art really is, art.

Who remembers these babies from Beyonce’s Run the World video. This nail art clearly pushes practicality.
Jewelery Designer Laruicci. Imagine Micheal Jackson doing his famous pose with this on his finger. Everyone would need to get out the way for that one.

Love the images, it is simply wonderful and weird.

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