Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I got my Gillet

Hiiiii all,

I’m back. The weather is starting to get cold and I need a gilet. I have been thinking about getting a gilet for a few weeks now. I wanted a large black gilet becuase I saw a girl wearing one in Shoreditch recently and it was perfect.

So I have been looking around. Thanks to my mate I went into H&M today just to see what was in the sale.  As I’m walking back from looking at the last bit of sale stock, I saw this fur thing hunched up on a stand. I picked it up and I could not believe my eyes It was a gilet. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen in the whole shop.

My heart was beating so fast I threw off my jacket and tried it on, I fell in love right there and then.
This is me with it on in the shop. This is my gilet at home.

This is a bargain buy because I will be wearing this again this time next year and the year after.


Gilet £29.99

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