Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Chill- Hangover

Hi guys,

Well this is going to be a quick one. From the title you can guess I hungover and in need of rest. I went out last night with my friend to a house party.

I do like my house parties. I like them because your not waiting in a queue to get in. You can wear what you want. (F.Y.I I wore a knee length black dress that ties at the black plus plum bow shoes. Sorry to tipsy and tired to take pics).

There's no cattiness i.e girls fighting over a man lol. Finally, the most important thing is your bank balance isn't hurt the next day. There are free drinks and food if your lucky.

So lets see I arrived at the house party in the evening around half 9 and got home at 7am. Can someone say shattered. Well it was a good night and I'm off to bed.

Peace out

Friday, 26 October 2012


Hi guys,

How are we all? I'm good. So today was my day off and I did the usual mundane stuff, wash clothes, tidy, go to Boots and randomly buy 9 new nail varnishes. It's ok I get paid next week.

So I have to tell u this story. I was in my local library on the computer. This young guy probably aged 26, 27 approached me. He went to sit next to me on my left then he decided no he wants to sit on my right in the corner.

As he nervously says hi I turned, looked at him and nervously thought omg please don't rob me lol, I said hi. This dude then decides its the perfect time to talk to me about his money making scheme.

As I was zooming in and out of what he was saying. I found his appearance very distracting. This guy had a frayed jacket, he looked dirty and his hair needed a cut. I'm sorry what ever money making scheme he was trying to sell me I wasn't buying it.

From what he said all I understood was it was a marketing business for kids, education and its part time where you could earn up to £1000 pounds. He says do you want to be apart of it? I said NO, he says Really!!! I'm thinking er dude not interested.

At this point I was ready to tell him to fuck off but this dude could tell by the look on my face its time to go.

Some people eh they really believe there own hype. If I see this dude in the future doing well I guess I will just have to eat my words.

Anyways I'm outtie kisses.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bold and Beautiful

Hidi hi,

Hi everyone, the weekend starts early. Friday is my day off, Saturday out on the town and then Sunday I chill.

When the weekend starts early you might as well get in the spirit. So out came a dash of colour. Bold and beautiful baby, bold and beautiful.

Today I was told your looking glamorous and you know what I said? I said why not. In life you might as well throw on some glad rags even if you feel like shit.

Guys it works wonders. Right I'm off to relax in the arm chair yeah I'm getting old lol.